Student Carillonneur Leadership Council is a group of passionate ISU representatives that devote their time and talents to the success of the Campanile-Carillon Model. The Campanile-Carillon Model embodies the qualities of Iowa State University. Not only does the model express emotion, it also features ISU tradition. At Iowa State, we stand for excellence, and as members of SCLC we strive to meet the expectations ISU holds. We all know the campanile's impact on every student's daily life, and this model is able to extend that impact beyond just campus. The Campanile-Carillon Model is a 1:5 scale replica of the campanile and a 27-bell carillon that is accessible, functional and portable. Our goal is to spread the Bells of Iowa State throughout the state, nation, and eventually the world. For more information on the Campanile-Carillon Model, please see the website here: