Corpus Linguistics Student Organization (COLISTO) is an organization open to all students at Iowa State University who are interested in the area of corpus linguistics. Corpus linguistics is a research methodology used across sub-disciplines in the field of Applied Linguistics, as well as in other disciplines. ISU currently offers several courses in corpus linguistics, including corpus linguistics research methods and applications of corpus linguistics to language teaching and learning. COLISTO aims at providing a forum for the discussion and analysis of current and relevant issues in the field of corpus linguistics and also a forum through which its members can learn more about corpus linguistics and its applications. It also offers opportunities to learn the implications of corpus linguistics for language classrooms as well as research using related methodologies, programming, and corpus design techniques. Knowledge of such tools and skills will be acquired both by means of interaction/discussion among the members of COLISTO during official meetings and by means of inviting speakers (including scholars/experts outside of ISU) to give corpus linguistics-related talks or workshops. Apart from these, the group dedicates twenty minutes of each monthly meeting to feedback sessions for those who wish to receive feedback on their works in progress in the area of corpus linguistics.