Student American Veterinary Medical Association Chapter  Header
The Student American Veterinary Medical Association Chapter at Iowa State University is the premiere professional student organization within the College of Veterinary Medicine -- an organization that links students to a vast assortment of professional and social activities. We are an affiliate of the national association, the AVMA. As such, we are connected to a national organization that represents all veterinarians and the profession. At the same time, we function with an umbrella-like structure to coordinate with a diverse assortment of special interest organizations that have student chapters here at the College. SAVMA offers students training in organization and leadership. Our purpose is also to bind the student body into an active organization and, through leadership training, make each member better qualified to participate in professional organizations after graduation. All veterinary students are encouraged to become active SAVMA members. Our monthly chapter meetings serve to promote the professional development of members, as well as to broaden students' comprehension of the diverse scope of veterinary medicine. SAVMA offers opportunities for student involvement in different aspects of veterinary medicine. Members of SAVMA are encouraged to join and lead other organizations established within our college. Each organization offers insight into a different aspect of veterinary medicine, as well as an opportunity to explore the social side of professional school.