To Graduate Students interested in Microbiology, Microbiology Graduate Student Organization (MGSO) is a group of graduate students that have a shared interest in the broad topic of Microbiology, although MGSO is open to any member of the ISU campus community. We also are a student chapter of the American Society for Microbiology. During the school year we usually hold meetings the first Friday of each month at noon in 221 Science I. Dues are $5 dollars a semester and attendance is not mandatory, although you get the most out of MGSO if you attend often. Several of our members are located off main campus such as Vet Med or the NADC and many are willing to carpool. During the year MGSO coordinates several events including social functions to promote interaction between members, fundraisers, a summer student lecture series, and Miller Speaker presentations. Miller Speakers, usually professors from universities across the nation, are selected and hosted by MGSO to give presentations on their current work. Members also get updates on Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS), the self-governing body for graduate students and an important connection between graduate students and new administration policies and programs. MGSO is also an excellent way to network across the ISU research community. You will meet a very diverse group of people whose studies cover everything from plant viruses to insect-transported bacteria to microarray statistics to edible vaccines. If nothing else, you can hear about a broad selection of topics and applications for various research tools, and maybe one day when you cannot get your ELISA to work, you will be able to ask some of the people in MGSO for help. While we are most certainly biased, we really do feel that MGSO is a great opportunity for graduate students, and we hope you have the time to become involved with the organization.