Welcome to the Ames Furry Club Webpage!

The Ames Furry Club is a group for ISU students and Ames residents who are a part of or interested in the Furry community. The club is a welcoming environment to discuss, share, and participate in various aspects of furry media. The Ames Furry Club is also a great place to make friends and meet all sorts of new people. We meet in person and online throughout the semester. At our meetings we may play games, watch movies, make crafts, explore places in Ames, or do other fun activities.

Emails will be sent out periodically for reminders of upcoming meetings or events.

Additionally, our club runs a Discord server for day-to-day communication with members and officers. If you wish to access this server, please email an officer for access. Alternatively, Discord hosts the Iowa State University Hub, which shows a variety of discords owned and operated by ISU students. The hub invite is here: https://discord.gg/4Qdm8RRUh2