Welcome to the Controlled Environments Club!

The purpose of the Controlled Environments (CE) Club is to design and construct controlled environment implementations (i.e. vertical farms, hydroponics) that grow plants from the ground up, focusing on principles of engineering and design while also educating the members on the basic properties of horticulture. The goals of the club are to combine areas of engineering with computer science and horticulture to create small-scale CE implementations that were designed and created entirely by student members of the organization.

Grant for Container Farm

The Controlled Environments Club at Iowa State University is excited to announce that we have just submitted a grant for a container farm! This container farm will allow us to grow fresh produce year-round, even in the harsh Iowa winters. We will also be able to use the container farm as a research tool for studying plant growth and environmental control.

Small-Scale Hydroponic System

In addition to the container farm, we will soon begin work on a small-scale hydroponic system. This system will allow us to grow plants without soil, using nutrient-rich water instead. Hydroponic systems are highly efficient and can produce higher yields than traditional farming methods. We are excited to learn more about this innovative technology and its potential applications.

Current Projects:

Container Farm

The container farm will be housed in a 20-foot shipping container, which will be modified to create an optimal growing environment for our plants. We plan to grow basil at first but hope to explore other crops in the future. Stay tuned for updates on our progress!

Hydroponic System

Our small-scale hydroponic system will be a great addition to our club's resources. We plan to experiment with different types of hydroponic setups and crops to see what works best in our environment. We believe that this system will be a valuable tool for learning about plant growth and the future of sustainable agriculture.

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