Election Commission

Who Are We?

Election Commission is the student governing body dedicated to the fair and proper administration of Student Government elections. Election Commission is tasked with the creation of election law, enforcement of election law and administrating the Spring Student Government Elections. This commission is extremely important to students who are running for office, as they provide the ground rules to navigate candidates through the political system and ensure fair elections. 

What Do We Do?

There are three sub-committees that carry out the work of the Election Commission, which include the Approval and Violations Committee, Public Relations Committee, and Debate Committee. In the fall, the Election Commission plans for the upcoming election cycle by revising the election code, apportioning senate seats, setting the election timeline and beginning to plan for the spring elections. During the spring election cycle, the Commission holds violation hearings regarding potential violations of election code, hosts informational sessions on how to run for office in Student Government, hosts Vice-Presidential and Presidential debates and acts as a resource to guide senatorial candidates through the electoral process. On election days, members assist at polling locations and help to announce the election results!

Why You Should Join?

No prior experience necessary to join! Involvement on this committee will help you develop valuable skills that can be applied in and out of the classroom. Skills include event management, leadership development, strategic planning, policy making, delegation, decision making, teamwork and much more! There are also multiple leadership positions currently available within Election Commission. Positions available include Secretary, Parliamentarian, Historian, Graphic Designer, Recruitment Coordinator, Public Relations Committee Chairperson and Debate Committee Chairperson. Students who have any interest in these leadership positions are encouraged to apply to the Election Commission!

How To Join?

Join Election Commission by applying here. For more information on Election Commission, feel free to contact Election Commissioner Cody Neeper-Burris at codynb9@iastate.edu.

Official Mission of the Election Commission

The mission of the Election Commission shall be the fair and proper administration of all elections of the Government. The Election Commission is tasked with planning, mediating, and executing the Student Government elections at Iowa State. Being a member of the commission develops many valuable skills to be applied outside of the classroom setting. Those skills can include marketable event management, strategic planning, delegation, decision making, teamwork, and many more as we work to search for the most qualified individuals to be lead the student body at Iowa State University.

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