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The ISU Film Producers Club is focused on the creation, production and showcasing of student films as well as educating members on film styles, creation, production, and appreciation of motion picture. As Iowa State University does not have a film production or film studies major, this club provides an outlet for students who wish to write, direct, produce, video graph, act in, learn about, or simply enjoy films. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity write and create short films as well as watch, analyze, and discuss classic and modern films. The club also has a website which showcases some of the clubs productions, news, calendar of events, resources, and advertises the club to prospective members.


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September 24, 2020

Film Club - Meeting This Thursday 9/24/20

Hey everyone, this is Dominick! On Thursday we will be holding our fourth in-person Film Producers Club meeting. We will be doing an action montage where we put a bunch of different action clips together! You can split into smaller groups if you wish, but this will be a collaborative effort where we fit all of our clips together to form one video. Take inspiration from your favorite cheesy action movies for this project! You can bring props if you like as long as they are SAFE and APPROPRIATE.


As always, club will be this Thursday at 7:00 P.M. in Hamilton Hall in room 0169. Masks will be required as per usual so make sure you bring one!


I apologize for sending this out late. I wanted to wait to give the opportunity for new members to join the club on our webpage before I sent this out.


That's all I have for now. Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or concerns. I hope to see you there for our ACTION MONTAGE!


Your President,

Dominick Ervelli