The ISU Film Producers Club is focused on the creation, production and showcasing of student films as well as educating members on film styles, creation, production, and appreciation of motion picture. As Iowa State University does not have a film production or film studies major, this club provides an outlet for students who wish to write, direct, produce, video graph, act in, learn about, or simply enjoy films. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity write and create short films as well as watch, analyze, and discuss classic and modern films. The club also has a website which showcases some of the clubs productions, news, calendar of events, resources, and advertises the club to prospective members.

News & Announcements

September 18, 2023

Weekly Meeting 9/21/23

Hello, hello, hello my fellow cinephiles. I hope everyone is doing well. It’s that time of the year again, time for the majority of the students to take their first mid term exams! I hope you have all been preparing and studying adequately. That being said, I’m happy to announce that we have picked a date for the 48 Hour Film Festival and we will share all that info and more this Thursday as we have our weekly meeting. This week, we will teach a bit more about shot composition as it really is a fundamental thing to have. Exploring what we should you last week and building upon that. The prompt that will be explored with this lesson is that of the Film Noir genre. The Noir genre uses a lot of sharp angles and hyper focused shots so I feel that it could be beneficial to have it set up like this. That being said, anyone who creates the film in black and white will get double points and my respect. Don’t worry, your only competition is Casablanca. 

Hope to see you all there,

Your President,

Alvaro J. Escalante


September 11, 2023

Club Meeting 9/14/23

Hello my fellow cinephiles, I hope your weekends went well and the new week of classes are going smoothly. This is a friendly reminder that we will be having our weekly meeting this Thursday at the Student Innovation Center, 2206  @ 7:00 PM. This week we will be teaching you about camera angles and creativity when it comes to shot composition. The prompt that is associated with this prompt is part of what we will be teaching you. We want you to be creative with 3 different shots in your video. Make them as phenomenal as you want, after all your greatest competition is Vertigo. Also, as stated last time, if you are interested in the 48 Hour Film Festival, please fill this questionnaire so we can figure out a good date to do so.

That being said, I hope to see you all there and hopefully we will see you there.

Your President, 

Alvaro J Escalante