Graduate Research in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology Header
The purpose of GREBE is to promote interaction and sharing of ideas among graduate students and faculty of EEB. GREBE helps to bridge the diverse interests and perspectives of our group by organizing a variety of events including (1) a fall picnic, (2) weekly brown bag lunches, (3) an annual spring symposium, and other smaller events throughout the year. The graduate students organize a weekly brown bag group. Interested individuals or groups are encouraged to bring a topic to the table, present preliminary results, discuss a project proposal, showcase a computer program you happen to be the local expert on or practice for an upcoming conference presentation. This is an informal atmosphere to get feedback from fellow EEB students and faculty. The spring symposium provides an opportunity for students and faculty to share their work in a more formal setting and to introduce prospective students to the variety of research topics addressed by the EEB program. Additionally, as this symposium is open to the general public it also provides an opportunity for our program to share our work with a broader community including local residents and organizations. The highlight of each spring symposium is a keynote address from an esteemed scientist in the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology.