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GSCP serves to represent members’ interests to other bodies and organizations, not only within the Department of Psychology, but also within the larger university. The general membership elects representatives to several committees and bodies throughout the department and university. Through these representatives, concerns and issues can be raised and addressed. In general the GSCP is aimed at helping to foster counseling specific growth and support opportunities. As of right now, the counseling students are under the umbrella of Graduate Psychology Students, which aim to provide support for students in general. However, specific issues around growth in diversity, counseling materials, and record keeping (including an internet tracking systems needed for our client lists, internship sites/impressions, and general counseling program support material) is lost for counseling students within the GPS. Thus, our intentions are to provide the support for the department's students by helping to obtain speakers and materials to foster professional growth SPECIFIC for counseling students, as well as an organized body to help maintain and make available necessary information to students throughout the generation. GSCP is also planning to reach out to alumni by establishing a database and mentorship program, so that new and old students can maintain ties with the program and each other. This is hoped to increase the personal and professional development of students through someone who has worked in the field for some time. And finally, GSCP plans on providing a social outlet for counseling students and their unique schedules, obligations, and stresses. As the three psychology programs vary with coursework and obligations, a time to allow for counseling students to have time set aside with their schedules in mind is hoped to reduce the stress and meet the interaction needs of the students. Though other plans (as can be seen in the constitution) have been made for GSCP, these are the top priorities for the first few years. It is hoped through these issues that counseling student growth, morale, and general connection will improve as a result of it.


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Constitution / Tier

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Tier Student Organization - Registered

Membership Information

Student Members 11
ISU Members 10
Non-ISU Members 0
Allowed Members Graduate students in Counseling Psychology
Allowed Officers President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Activities Coordinator are elected each year
Membership Qualifications Registered counseling psychology graduate student in the Department of Psychology at Iowa State University
Membership Restrictions Must be a registered counseling psychology graduate student in the Department of Psychology at Iowa State University
Elections/Selection Election of officers are held during the month of March using a counter-balanced secret ballot and require a simple majority vote.
Meetings No fewer than two general meetings are held per semester.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

Central to GSCP meetings are the dissemination of relevant information to members and socialization among students. Officers and representatives share information with GSCP members obtained through their roles. Socialization is facilitated by the provision of food, as well as the planning and funding of extra events throughout the semester. These extra events typically include gatherings such as ice cream socials, theme parties, participation in intramural sports, and other outings sanctioned and funded by GSCP (e.g., movie nights, karaoke, ice skating, game nights, etc.). Concerns and issues pertinent to GSCP members as well as the larger community may also be raised and addressed by members and elected officials at GSCP meetings. Additional activities that enhance training and experience within the graduate population are made available.

Description of Special Events

GSCP sponsors the Annual Multicultural Day. The Annual Multicultural Day is planned to take place yearly in September. The 2017-2018 multicultural day will focus on the topic of implicit bias.The purpose is to enhance participant's counseling, research, and teaching to be more inclusive and aware of cultural issues along with the exploration of the participants' own biases may be affecting their work. The day will likely include an invited speaker; presentations from students, faculty, and staff; and various moments for discussion. The first year cohort is in the process of applying for grants to help fund the event. We also may ask for GSCP's support in applying for funding from GPSS. We expect no direct funding from GSCP but official support sponsoring event. The event will mainly be advertised by email to Counseling Psychology students, faculty members, and SCS staff. We may also use flyers to remind students.