The Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers (IISE) is an international organization which gives students and professionals the chance to network with individuals in the field of Industrial Engineering through activities and seminars. Each chapter within the organization is a self-governed body.

The Iowa State Student Chapter holds general meetings each month.  At these meetings, guest speakers present on topics related to industrial engineering and upcoming events are announced.  The chapter sponsors plant tours every semester, in which members can gain knowledge of how different facilities operate and show first hand how Industrial Engineering concepts are implemented in the workplace . Every year students get the opportunity to attend our student regional conference, where they are able to interact with other universities, compete in a paper competition, and attend facilities and seminars put on by professionals from industry. On campus, we host organized social activities for all students to have some fun, meet other students, and meet some of the engineering faculty.

The Institute of Industrial Engineers is the only association devoted to serving the needs of Industrial and Systems Engineering professionals. IISE has 320 student chapters throughout the world. The organization provides many services including seminars, speakers, and the IISE magazine Solutions, designed specifically for students. Every IE’s career should begin with an IISE student membership. It provides a college student with a great opportunity to benefit from the many continuing education and networking opportunities available exclusively through IISE.

Who can join?
Anyone who is interested in the organization is allowed to join. Although there is a primary focus on students who major in the Industrial or Manufacturing Systems Engineering, there are members from a broad range of fields. The organization tries to promote learning and excellence within the field of industrial engineering. To do this, we think anyone who shows an interest in learning more about the field should be encouraged to join the organization.

How to become a member:
The process of becoming a general member of IISE at Iowa State University is easy. Simply click the green join button at the top of the page. To obtain an IISE Student membership, visit IISE's website.