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The Sparkles squad at Iowa State is an all inclusive cheer/dance team that includes individuals with disabilities. This squad promotes school spirit and inclusion within our campus. The squad will perform for the community and inspire others with their genuine enthusiasm for Iowa State. This team's goal is to make a long lasting impact on not only our community but each other as well.


Constitution / Tier

File SparklesConstitution2021.docx
Tier Student Organization - Affiliated

Membership Information

Student Members 10
ISU Members 0
Non-ISU Members 0
Allowed Members As needed (depending on how many students with disabilities there are) so there is a even amount of mentors and students (those with disabilities).
Allowed Officers Up to two presidents, one treasurer, one community outreach, one fundraising, and one adviser.
Membership Qualifications To be a member of Iowa State Sparkles Squad, a person must exhibit qualities such as inclusion, kindness, patience, optimism, and school spirit. To qualify to be a peer buddy/mentor, one must have before, or be willing to work with those with disabilities. It is extremely important to know that on the Iowa State Sparkles Squad we treat everybody equally and fairly, so one must exhibit these qualities. Even though this is a cheerleading-focused organization, one does not need any background in cheerleading to be a part of this team, as long as a person has awesome school spirit and is willing to go out of their comfort zones while cheering.
Membership Restrictions Scholarship is an important part of being on the squad, so we encourage our teammates to be at a good standing GPA (in hopes to be higher than a 2.5). There are no restrictions to be qualified for this team.
Elections/Selection Because there will be an overwhelming amount of people wishing to be a part of the team, there will be annual selections. There will first be a document where students can apply for an interview to become a peer buddy/mentor on the team. The president(s) and adviser will read and choose how many and who meets qualifications to be interviewed. After that, the interviews are held, the adviser and president(s) will choose who will be a part of the team. These will happen fall semesterannually.
Meetings Meetings (practices) will occur once a week for an hour. Additional meetings may occur if needed.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

The Iowa State Sparkles Squad will meet once a week for a scheduled practice. Together, the team will build genuine friendships and skills as school leaders, involving spirit and inclusion. Every week a practice will be held where the members will partake in learning minor cheer skills, spirit skills, and make different posters to put throughout the University and schools.

Description of Special Events

Throughout the year there will be special events that Iowa State Sparkles Squad will make appearances at. The events will be held at an annual basis, therefore not the same every year. The goal is to perform at large events at least three times a year. These events may include a sporting event, any homecoming events, our own parent/friend performance, and many more.