Iowa State Swim Club

Welcome to Iowa State Swim Club! We are so happy you are interested in joining our team.

About Us

Student-led Organization

Our team is managed and operated by a board of students. They handle various aspects of the program, such as organizing practices, scheduling meets, and managing team finances.

Competitive Opportunities

ISU Swim Club participate in swim meets and competitions against other college club teams around the country. These events allow swimmers to test their skills, represent their college, and foster friendly rivalries with other clubs.

At the midpoint of the school year, the four regions (southern, western, eastern, and central) host a regional meet. Tons of teams attend and it’s a fantastic opportunity for a chance to qualify for nationals.

At the end of the college club swimming season (around April), all swimmers with national qualifying times may participate at the CCS national meet. Qualifying times and meet logistics are usually released early in the season and can be found on the CCS website.

Training and Practice

We organize regular practice sessions where members can train together under the guidance of a coach. Practices vary depending on the administered training cycles for the school year.

If you swam for USA Swimming, High School, YMCA, etc.… then many aspects will be familiar. However, our culture is much different. Here, the environment is more self-motivated, allowing you to be as involved as much as you like. Whether you are here to win races or just stay in shape, ISU Swim Club can provide.

Flexibility and Balance

This team recognizes that academics remain the top priority for members. Therefore, it generally offers a more flexible schedule, allowing members to balance their academic responsibilities with their commitment to the team.

Social and Community Building

College Club Swimming offers a social aspect beyond the pool. It provides an opportunity for students with a shared interest in swimming to connect, build friendships, and engage in team-building activities.

College Club Swimming (CCS)

College Club Swimming is the governing body which sanctions competition between CCS affiliated clubs. It’s run by an advisory board made up of CCS swimmers and backed by U.S. Master's Swimming.

Contact Us

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