Hello Everyone! こんにちはみなさん!


We offer free Japanese Language Classes to anyone that wants to come! Here is the schedule of classes for Fall 2022:

Beginner Intermediate

Tuesday. 5pm - 6pm

Carver: 0190

Tuesday. 6pm - 7pm

Carver: 0190

Also, we use Discord in order to stay in touch with everyone. For those who would like to join, please send us an email, and we will get you the invite link. Thanks!

Classes are very informal and skill levels range from absolute beginner to fluent, native speakers. However, if you would like to begin learning on your own, we recommend that you start with learning the two major Japanese Alphabets: Hiragana and Katakana. There are many outstanding and free resources for learning these online, so it would be a great place to start. We hope to see you at some classes! 頑張って下さい。




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