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88.5 KURE is a student-produced and student-managed radio station, broadcast at 88.5MHz to Iowa State University, the Ames community, and online. We provide our community with a wide range of musical genres alongside live broadcasts of Cyclone sporting events, news programs, talk shows, and in-studio musical performances. KURE offers killer opportunities for experience in radio broadcasting and business operation to its all-volunteer student staff.


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Constitution / Tier

File KUREConstitution2020.pdf
Tier Student Organization - Registered

Membership Information

Student Members 8
ISU Members 0
Non-ISU Members 5
Allowed Members Public
Allowed Officers Any ISU Students
Membership Qualifications Membership is open to all registered students at Iowa State University. Non-student community members, over 18 years of age, may be members of KURE but may not serve on the Board of Directors.
Membership Restrictions To become a DJ, members must submit an application (available on KURE's website). Members must complete a Staff Agreement form and agree to abide by the KURE Code of Conduct (outlined in the Constitution). Board members be enrolled at least 6 credit hours, and maintain a GPA greater than 2.00.
Elections/Selection Positions on the KURE Board of Directors are filled on a continuous basis. Board members have a term of office that ends at the end of the current academic year's Spring semester. The Board may choose to retain any, or all, members for the next term by a retention vote at the second to last meeting of the Spring semester.
Meetings Publicly held board meetings every Monday at 9:00PM. All staff meeting once per semester.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

DJing: As a DJ, your primary responsibility is to play music on the air. First time DJ’s will start with a one hour long show, aired weekly. You and the Programming Director will work together to develop a cohesive format for your show, regarding both your on air presence and your music selections. Applications are accepted year-round, and can be found on KURE's website. Music Reviewing Committee: KURE receives new albums from many record labels, often before their regular release date. We review these albums, and post them to KURE's website. If you have an ear for alternative genres including Indie Rock, Hip-Hop, World, Electronica and the like, put it to good use. To apply, email Production Crew: Help out behind-the-scenes at KURE by producing content for airplay. Members of the Production Crew set up and engineer in-studio performances at KURE that are broadcasted LIVE. The Production Crew also assists DJs with audio production of their shows, and edits/mixes the recordings of live music sets. Those who are interested should email Sports Department: The KURE Sports team hosts a sports talk show with interviews, week-in-review, and insights into what the weekend has in-store for Cyclone sports. KURE also hosts live broadcasts of ISU sports games. There are opportunities to get behind the microphone, and to contribute to the KURE Sports section of our website. Those who are interested in applying should email KURE Live: The KURE Live Committee books, interviews and records artists that are coming through town. Members of this committee are given the chance to correspond with artists and their management as well as perform and record interviews and music sessions. The KURE Live Committee also has positions for those interested in video-recording live performances, both in-studio and on-location. Those who are interested should email KURE News: KURE has a newly developed News Department. We are looking for responsible and reliable people who would like experience working as reporters, script writers, editors, and radio broadcasters. You will have the opportunity to hone your news broadcasting skills and work on our twice weekly shows. Anyone interested should email Engineering Crew: The KURE Engineering Staff is vital to the station; staff members ensure the station's studio equipment and transmitter systems are functioning properly. They make equipment repairs and improvements to KURE's systems. Those who are interested should email Kaleidoquiz Planning Committee: Help plan Kaleidoquiz: the 26-hour radio trivia and events contest put on by KURE. Use your creativity to help plan fun and quirky events that have hundreds of participants each year. Those who are interested should email

Description of Special Events

Kaleidoquiz: Kaleidoquiz, the oldest student tradition unique to Iowa State, is a 26-hour team competition put on by KURE 88.5, ISU’s student-run radio station. Started in 1967, the competition primarily entails trivia questions, which are read on-air every 6 minutes, which teams must call-in to the radio station and answer. Additionally, Kaleidoquiz frequently includes scavenger hunts, music and movie-clip identification challenges, video game competitions, local and long-distance travelling challenges, video-clip creation challenges, and other creative and physical events. Previous Kaleidoquiz events have also included searching for a golf ball in a field of snow, ‘Iron Chef’ style cooking competitions, speed chess tournaments, and live broadcasted sports tournaments