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The Language Assessment Student Organization (LASO) is an organization for TESL MA and ALT PhD graduate students at Iowa State University who are interested in the area of language assessment. Language assessment is a sub-discipline in the field of Applied Linguistics. ISU currently offers several courses in language assessment as well as related fields such as statistics, linguistics, and education. LASO aims at providing a forum for the discussion and analysis of current and relevant issues in the field of language assessment and also a forum though which its members can learn more about specific language assessment subfields, tools, and skills of interest to them, especially those that are currently either not available or not easily acquired at ISU. Knowledge of such subfields, tools, and skills will be acquired both by means of interaction/discussion among the members of LASO during official meetings and by means of inviting other ISU PhD students or scholars/experts outside of ISU to give language-assessment-related talks or workshops.