Meet José Eliseo De León

Hometown: Grew up in San José, California

Current job and location of job: Lecturer, Materials Science and Engineering, Iowa State University

Major studied/graduate program and graduation date from Iowa State: Materials Science and Engineering, PhD conferred 2013

LGSA member status (if you were a board member (what positions) or a regular member; for how long; and for what years): I did not hold any offices, but lent my hand to events as needed. I served on the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) and made sure that LGSA was aware of how we could benefit from representation on GPSS.

One of your best memories of of LGSA: Dinner at the Black Cultural Center with members from LGSA. There were about a half dozen of us, not worried about classes or school politics, simply enjoying each other’s company.

Advice for future ISU Latino graduates: Not one of us got to where we are without the help of a lot of people. Never forget that, and do your part to help the next generation get even farther. Become somebody you would look up to.

Anything else you'd like to say about yourself, your experience with LGSA, your experience at ISU, etc.: The Hispanic community at ISU keeps growing. LGSA is in large part responsible for the fact that those who have passed through this university feel welcome and have a place to call home and a group of folks to call family.