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The Pre-Law Club helps to prepare members interested in attending Law School by immersing them in a learning community environment with like-minded students on campus who are taking steps to prepare and apply for Law School Admissions. Members of the Pre-Law Club during the 2022/2023 school year will become more familiar with other students on the Pre-Law track at ISU, while also gaining experience from within the club to add to their Law School applications. The Pre-Law Club will also attempt to prepare members for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) by sharing opportunities for free practice exams, preparation course listings, preparation tools, sample questions, and activities. Pre-Law Club will also have year-long volunteer experiences, LSAT study sessions with other Pre-Law students, and opportunities to find internships and other means to develop members’ Law School Admission applications. The Pre-Law Club emphasizes inclusivity, networking within the club, and becoming comfortable both with Iowa State and with law school applications. As well as preparing for more than just the prospect of law school through its various activities, social events, leadership opportunities, and more.


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Constitution / Tier

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Tier Student Organization - Registered

Membership Information

Student Members 52
ISU Members 1
Non-ISU Members 0
Allowed Members Any student is eligible to be involved in the club.
Allowed Officers Any student is eligible to be an officer in the club.
Membership Qualifications Pre-law is a vast title and encompasses many majors; therefore there are no qualifications to be in the club.
Membership Restrictions There are no restrictions to be in the club or an officer. We value diversity in our club, so there are no restrictions on age, major, GPA, etc.
Elections/Selection Elections for new officers is an open election and takes place at the end of each Spring semester. Each officer holds their position for one year.
Meetings See club calendar for date, time, and location. The President will send out a monthly email of the meeting schedule.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

The Pre-Law Club for the 2022/2023 school year has a theme for events this school year which is preparing and developing members' law school applications. Events will consist of reviewing LSAT material, internship experiences related to Pre-Law, relevant speakers, discussing specific areas of law, volunteering hours, and study sessions. There are going to be workshops and provided resources/ tools so students can develop life-long skills that will be particularly helpful in law school and/or future careers.

Description of Special Events