Fall 2023 Meeting Dates


Date Meeting/Event  Time    Location Notes
Tues. September 5th Introduction to the Pre-Med Path, and Being Pre-Med at ISU 6-7pm Coover 2245
  • This is a great, brief overview of the different components to being a pre-med student here at Iowa State!


September 14th

Joint Meeting with Genetics Club 5:30-6:30 pm



  • In this joint meeting with Genetics Club we will discuss the importance of genetics in medicine, and how the two integrate.

Tues. September 19th

Activities and Extracurriculars


Morrill 2019

  • We will be going into more detail and resources/opportunities on various topics pertaining to these three as well as its relation to the medical school application process as a whole.
Tues. October 3rd Undergraduate Research  6-7pm Morrill 2019
  • This meeting will cover all things undergraduate research, including why it's important and how to get involved. 
Tues. October 17th Suture Clinic with the U.S. Army 6-7pm Morrill 2019
  • Come to learn basic suture techniques, taught by the wonderful U.S. Army education staff, and get a chance to hear about the scholarship opportunities available through the Army for those looking to go to medical school.
Tues. October 24th MCAT Overview and Student Panel 6-7pm Morrill 2019
  • We will be having a student panel of people who have previously taken the MCAT, so bring any and all questions for them to answer!

Tues. November 7th Presentation from University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
6-7pm Morrill 2019
  • We will have a virtual presentation from Amy A'Hearn, the Assistant Director of Admissions from the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, and a current UIowa medical student who went to ISU for undergrad.
Tues. November 14th U.S. Army Physician Guest Speaker 6-7pm Morrill 2019
  • We will have a U.S. Army physician give a guest presentation on their specialty and what the life of an Army physician is like.
Tues. November 28th Volunteer Night 6-7pm Morrill 2019
  • Our final meeting of the semester will be a volunteer night focused on giving back to the Ames community. More details coming soon!



MCAT Practice Days:

Dates TBA

Spring 2023 Meeting Dates

Date Topic Time Location Notes
Tues. January 24th Welcome back! 6-7 PM Carver 0268
  • We will discuss the differences between physicians, PAs, and NPs, as well as what it means to be an MD vs. a DO.
  • Meeting slides: https://tinyurl.com/MDvsDOvsPA
Tues. February 7th Visit with CEO of Northcrest Community (Senior Living) 6-7 PM Carver 0268  
Thurs. February 16th Admissions Talk with Carver College of Medicine Representative 6-7 PM Carver 0268 Submit questions here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdifDn1_FbBmNWkjvwu0aLCjyUHgdZbVk3HA7hPeLBCMbBBng/viewform?usp=share_link
Tues. February 21st Volunteer Night! 6-7 PM Carver 0268
  • We will be doing a variety of activities that involve organizations within the Ames and Des Moines communities.
Sat. February 25th Iowa State Pre-Health Conference 6-7 PM Carver 0268 Registration link: forms.gle/XdEwgAnZJk8q7KoC9
Tues. March 21st Activity with US Army 6-7 PM **Carver 0202**  
Tues. March 28th Physician Panel 6-7 PM Virtual Zoom/Webex link will be emailed out that day
Tues. April 11th Applying to Medical School 6-7 PM Carver 0268
  • Optional time from 7-8 PM where we will discuss secondary applications
Tues. April 25th Medical Student Panel + Intro to the New Exec Team 6-7 PM Carver 0268  

MCAT Practice Days:

Dates TBA