Pride Alliance is a student organization targeted at providing safe spaces and community to queer students and queer friendly individuals. Our events intend to create queer friendly and orientated spaces that welcome difference and community growth. We work to build connections with other student organizations and campus resources to provide our members and other students a strong, resilience, and informed community here at Iowa State. Events vary biweekly to provide a variety of activities and participation opportunities. Our Instagram, Newsletter, and other important links can be found on our linktree.

Officer Information

President Seth Bequette (He/They)
Office Hours @ Tuesdays 8:30AM - 12:30PM
Treasurer Skylxr Manna (They/He/Fae)
Office Hours @ Mondays 12PM - 3:30PM
Secretary Carley Rivers (She/They)
Office Hours @ Wednesdays 10:30AM - 1PM
Public Relations Liaison Gen Ewell (They/She/He)
Hours vary, email for scheduling

Note: If you are interested in becoming an officer for the current year or next year, please reach out to a current officers for more information and opportunities.