The Stand-Up Comedy Club at Iowa State University is a group dedicated to furthering the comedic experiences of its members. Stand-Up comedy is a comic style in which comedians perform in front of a live audience. The comedian usually recites humorous stories, jokes, and/or one-liners in a practiced routine. The group is composed of experienced comedians who write, edit and perform original stand-up comedy. Most members are graduates of Gavin Jerome's Comedy College, although membership is open to all ISU students. Prospective members are encouraged to read and work through "Gavin Jerome's Comedy College How-To Handbook" to enhance their comedy experience and skills. The book is available for purchase from the club (around $10). Advice from professional comedians is the best way to learn comedy. The club will perform regularly, in places such as Iowa State's campus, bars, comedy clubs, theaters, and other venues. If you're interested in performing stand-up comedy, come to a weekly meeting - 6pm on Wednesdays in Carver 0018 (subject to change per semester). At these meetings we will work on writing, editing and practicing jokes. Please contact a club officer with any questions about the club. If you are looking to book entertainment for your show, look no further than the stand-up comedy club! As stated above, we are a group of experienced stand-up comedians. Each comedian generally performs around 10 minutes of material, and the number of comedians that performance depends on the desired length of the show. Stand-up comedy is a difficult art to master, but students in the club generally won't perform until they have a solid act. We don't throw students out on stage until they're ready to perform. If requested, a clean show can be presented. Please contact a club officer with booking inquiries.