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The Stand Up Comedy Club is a group dedicated to offering opportunities for students to perform original stand up comedy routines in front of live audiences. The group is composed of students of varying experience levels who work together to write, edit, and perform original stand up comedy routines. Occasionally the club might host a traveling comedian who can share advice with members and grow the network of comedians around the country. Regularly, club members can be seen at local bars, comedy clubs, theaters, and campus events. To book the Stand Up Comedy Club for a show, where we typically do showcase style shows where a group of comedians does about 10 minutes or less each, please contact a club officer from our directory or email the club in general at: isusucc@gmail.com


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March 27, 2024

1 week before our show!

Today in club we're going to be talking about our upcoming show!


We have to iron out some details for our show next Friday! As well as decide on who is performing and do some set preparation! If we have time, we could also leave club early and check out the room we were assigned for our SUB show!


We also need to discuss a musical performance / a halftime performance for the show.


I hope to see you all there, 

Totally Billy and not Arya