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Designing 3D models on the computer is one thing, but turning those models into real objects can be a whole other world! 3D printers are becoming more and more practical, and can be very useful for engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs. This club will learn about and practice using 3D printers, while meeting others with the same interests.

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April 18, 2019

3D Printing and Design Club

Hello everyone,

There will be no meeting tonight, due to many tests and low attendance, however Chris was wondering if 1-2 people want to help him assembly his delta printer tonight at 6:50 outside 1620 Howe Hall. Please message me if you are are interested. 612-469-2244. Next week I will be bringing the scale model project for the people who did not see it at the MU. We will be holding elections as well for next year so if you want to be involved more and run for a position, come ready with a short speech of why you think you should hold a position. Good luck on your exams if you have one.

See everyone next week,