United Native American Student Association (UNASA) (UNASA)



UNASA is a student group that supports American Indian/Alaskan Native students and their cultures. UNASA's mission is to disseminate information about indigenous cultures and peoples, and to promote their inclusion in the University community. We sponsor lectures, seminars, and presentations; provide cultural displays, cultural food events, and co-sponsor traditional cultural activity workshops.


This organization has no affiliations.

Constitution / Tier

File UNASAConstitution1.doc
Tier Student Organization - Registered

Membership Information

Student Members 16
ISU Members 2
Non-ISU Members 2
Allowed Members All ISU students, staff and faculty as well as community members.
Allowed Officers ISU students
Membership Qualifications All officers are required to: -Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00. In order for this provision to be met, at least six hours(half-time credits)must have been taken for the semester under consideration -Be in good standing with the university and enrolled: at least half time(six or more credit hours), if an undergraduate student during the term of office, and at least half time(four or more credits) if a graduate level student(unless fewer credits are required in the final stages of their degree) during their term of office -Be ineligible to hold an office should the student fail to maintain the requirements as prescribed in (a) and (b)
Membership Restrictions None
Elections/Selection Held once every academic year
Meetings At the beginning of each semester the organization shall determine and vote on a meeting schedule (dates and times).

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

A typical meeting for our organization incorporates a open discussion on a variety of topics that is often facilitated by a member of our executive board or a faculty member.

Description of Special Events

Our special events for the year include hosting the Thompson speaker in the spring and attending the University of Iowa Annual Pow Wow held each spring around April. We also do various other activities throughout the semester including but not limited to volunteer work, social, and cultural activities.