American Assn of Small Ruminant Practitioners (AASRP)

Academic - Vet-Med


Purpose is to educate and make available the resources to students interested in pursuing a career in small ruminant veterinary practice through wet labs and lectures.


This organization has no affiliations.

Constitution / Tier

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Tier Student Organization - Registered

Membership Information

Student Members 98
ISU Members 6
Non-ISU Members 0
Allowed Members Students Enrolled at ISU College of Veterinary Medicine
Allowed Officers AASRP members with required GPA stated in constitution
Membership Qualifications Any current Iowa State Veterinary Medicine student interested in the field of small ruminants and their many niches in the field of vet med. VM1 - VM4 are allowed to be in the club with dues paid each year.
Membership Restrictions N/A
Elections/Selection Held every year in the spring with an optional election in the fall for incoming students or for spots that may still need filled on the exec team that semester.
Meetings Monthly Lunch/Supper meetings with additional meetings when able. Monthly wetlabs will be included for the members to participate. A monthly exec team meeting will be held - with possibility for more to organize some of the bigger events for that semester. Annual Fall fundraiser lotion making by the club.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

Regular meetings are usually for the exec team and the advisors to organize and plan events throughout the semester, though they are always open for members to attend and give their input.

Description of Special Events

Goat milk lotion fundraiser- Held every year before the end of the fall semester. The club spends a Saturday making goat milk lotion in a variety of scents to sell to the staff and students. The lotions make the perfect gifts for the upcoming holidays and are always a favorite among the student body.
Chili Cook-off - Usually held at the beginning of the spring semester on a cold winters day when a bowl full of warm chili can help to soothe the soul. A variety of awards are given to the submitted pots of chili from spiciest to most creative. Staff and students attend the event and make a donation to enjoy some chili for lunch and vote on their favorite submission. All proceeds of the event are donated to the United Way.
Variety of Wetlabs- We have had a wide variety of wetlabs over the years, some of which have included: Scrapies testing, sheep shearing, goat/sheep hoof trimming, alpaca hoof trimming, camelid handling, sheep ultrasounds, and much more! We are always trying to think of new and exciting wetlabs to do throughout the semester and any input from members is always welcome!
Lunch and Dinner guest speakers- Speakers from a variety of different aspects of small ruminant production usually will come and speak over the lunch hour and the club provides a meal to the members that attend. In the past, we have had speakers on meat production, dairy production, prion diseases, laparoscopy procedures, camelid reproduction, and several case presentations.