Team PrISUm is a multidisciplinary student organization that designs, builds, and races solar powered electric vehicles. We encourage students from all majors and backgrounds to join and help us build and race this innovative vehicle. The team is divided into three main divisions, Electrical, Mechanical and Business that each carry out a core function of the team.


This organization has no affiliations.

Constitution / Tier

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Tier Student Organization - Affiliated

Membership Information

Student Members 101
ISU Members 6
Non-ISU Members 0
Allowed Members Unlimited
Allowed Officers 23
Membership Qualifications A willingness to work. Team PrISUm needs all majors, any knowledge, and anyone willing to put forth effort.
Membership Restrictions None.
Elections/Selection The elected positions include: Project Director, Assistant Project Director, Treasurer, Mechanical Director, Design Director, Electrical Director, Business Director, Systems Integration Director, and Safety Director
Meetings Fall 2017 Business Meetings - Monday 5pm, Marston 3188 Mechanical Meetings - Tuesday 7pm, Carver 0274 Electrical Meetings - Thursday 7pm, Pearson 2157 Systems Meetings - Wednesday 7:30pm, Howe 1246

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

Mechanical team meetings encompass working/designing all mechanical objects on the object. Sub teams consist of Dynamics (suspension), Structures (Frame), Aero (Aerodynamics and body design), and Matman (Small design projects and also manufacturing components). Electrical team meetings consist of designing and fabricating all the electrical components of the vehicle. Tasks include software coding, hardware design, soldering, troubleshooting, testing, and R&D work for new technologies. Business team meetings consist of creating a structure for the organization, planning fundraising, contacting sponsors, securing funds, generating a budget, planning long term trips, outreach, and creating a cost evaluation for future projects.

Description of Special Events

Delta trip - Learn how to do a large scale composite layups! The team travels to Delta in Minneapolis to create the body of the vehicle.
Frame trip - Learn how to make a space frame from aluminium tubes! Tasks include bending tubes, welding, and other fabrication steps.
Molds - Learn how to make a mold of our vehicles body. Tasks include mold demolition (lots of fun), building the molds, machining the molds, sanding, painting, and polishing.
Testing - Testing the vehicle before the race is crucial to placing well. Learn how to drive a solar car, trouble shoot faults, be a useful pit crew member, talk professionally over Ham Radios, and logistics of solar racing.
American Solar Challenge - A solar vehicle road race that takes place every two years. Take the car you worked hard on created across the US in an international competition!
Formula Sun Grand Prix - A solar vehicle track race that takes place every year. Be part of a Formula 1 type team and see how many laps we can place on the car before the checkered flag lowers.
World Solar Challenge - Travel with the team in 2017 to race across the Outback in Australia! The team will ship the car to Australia and race from the north cost to the south in a one week high stakes race.