Microbiology Club helps members connect with their peers as well as professors. Guest lecturers provide interesting information that may not be covered in classes. Career panels allow members to learn about various fields and jobs available in microbiology

Club meetings occur twice a month. They include guest speakers, planning and preparation for events, and micro movies nights among other things!

Each summer members travel to the American Society of Microbiology General Meeting. •In recent years the conference has been in Boston and New Orleans. There are multiple opportunities to network, attend lectures and poster sessions as well as sight see!

Each fall the club hosts a workshop for Iowa high school students. Members of the club demonstrate and help students complete multiple lab techniques like gram-stains and DNA isolation  This event is a great way to share your enthusiasm for microbiology!

Other club activities include brewery tours, game nights, USDA Tours, micro movie nights, and Fundraising with Giant Microbes!