Helser-Fleming is a residence hall house that is split between the third and fourth floor of Helser. It is and all-female house.


This organization has no affiliations.

Constitution / Tier

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Tier Student Organization - Affiliated

Membership Information

Student Members 8
ISU Members 1
Non-ISU Members 0
Allowed Members Anyone living in Helser Fleming
Allowed Officers Anyone living in Helser Fleming
Membership Qualifications N/A
Membership Restrictions You must live in Helser Fleming in order to be a member.
Elections/Selection Elections are held at the beginning of the semester and can be held through an online poll or through a house meeting. Officers will hold their offices for one full academic year. Students moving into Fleming for the next academic year are welcome to run for officer positions as well as officers from the previous year.
Meetings Cabinet Meetings will be held in the 4th floor den or the CA's room at least once a month. The number of cabinet meetings is dependent on house events or other upcoming activities. House meetings are held before an upcoming change in the year -- such as midterms or finals. The number of house meetings is dependent on how the house is doing overall. Cabinet members are expected to attend both the cabinet meetings and house meetings.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

House meetings are typically longer in time -- perhaps up to an hour, but this is because the meetings are not too frequent. We meet in either the 3rd or 4th floor Fleming den. At house meetings, we will usually have the president, the CA and any other officers as needed give updates to residents. If anything comes up that we need a house vote on, votes will be taken at house meetings. It is important to attend all house meetings. If you can't make a house meeting, let your CA know and our secretary will send out an e-mail with highlights from the meeting to let you know what was discussed.

Description of Special Events

Fleming social chairs work hard to plan a variety of events for our residents. Our social chairs often partner with another house in Helser to plan our events with. The events that are planned may cost a small amount of money for those wishing to participate. Events we have planned in the past are movie nights, a bowling night, and a cookie decorating party. All Fleming residents are welcome to participate. We look forward to seeing you there!