Women Impacting Supply Chain Excellence is a group that focuses on enhancing professional development, gaining leadership skills, expanding industry knowledge and making connections with other students and employers. Women Impacting Supply Chain Excellence offers so many opportunities for supply chain management students. One being, the opportunity to participate in the Future Leaders Symposium that takes place every fall. This symposium consists of networking opportunities, keynote speakers, panel discussions, and lots more. Women Impacting Supply Chain Excellence also offers semesterly workshops for students. These workshops include reading a chosen book on a relevant topic and having meetings to discuss the book. Lastly, You get to connect with other supply chain students from different universities, which is something not everyone gets to experience. You also get the opportunity to hear from many supply chain professionals who have lots of insight and experiences on things we have not yet encountered as college students. Note: Anyone is welcome to participate male or female. Women Impacting Supply Chain Excellence is not just for women!