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Women Impacting Supply Chain Excellence is a group that focuses on enhancing professional development, gaining leadership skills, expanding industry knowledge, and making connections with other students and employers. Women Impacting Supply Chain Excellence offers many opportunities for students, including the opportunity to attend a nationwide symposium, attend workshops, listen to keynote speakers, connect with students from different universities, and gain insight on the industry overall. Note: You do not have to be a supply chain major or a woman. Anyone is welcome!


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Student Members 37
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Elections/Selection Elections will be held in the spring for the following academic year.
Meetings Meetings will be held approximately once a month. The meetings will be coordinated with the Supply Chain Management Club at Iowa State, so that these meetings do not happen on the same day/week.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

Monthly meeting, WISE Symposium in the fall, various optional activities through the University of Arkansas.

Description of Special Events

WISE Symposium: The University of Arkansas invites many schools to participate in their Future Leaders Symposium every fall.