Social Functions

Kick-Off BBQ

Maple Hall Dinner 

Intramural Sports

Women is ASABE

Campus and Community Events

Fountain Wars

After taking a year off from fountain wars in 2014, the Iowa State team was ready to come back strong for the 2015 season. Members of the team are Lucas Miles, Alex Martin, Colton Finley, Quenton Schneider, and Mitchell Colburn (at AIM). The team was led by Senior Elise Ronnebaum.

Basketball Concession Stand Fundraiser

Throughout the winter sports season, ASABE members worked the concession stands at Hilton Coliseum for athletic events in order to raise money for the club. Members served food at both men's and women's basketball games. The Hilton concession stands worked at were held on the following dates: January 26th, February 2nd, February 8th, February 16th, and February 23rd. In total the club earned just over $1700 from working concessions, and had 35 members participate throughout the five days.

Leaf Rake Fundraiser

A total of 46 members raked over 40 yards over the course of 5 days. Over 200 man hours went into the completion of the event. Participation in this fundraising event was higher than in previous years, and that was a great help in the amount of yards raked and the money made that can be used for future professional development.

Lunch was provided by the club two of the longer days of the fundraiser. Members participating on those days ate Pizza Ranch and Hy-Vee all you can eat buffets. Water was also provided to make sure members stayed hydrated.

Each yard takes about 30 minutes when there are at least 7 students raking. One large yard takes over 3 hours with 10 students raking. Each yard makes the club $50 and an additional $25 dollars for every hour the yard takes over two hours. Many customers make significant donations as they are alumni of the department, Iowa State fans, or faculty of the department.

Faculty Appreciation Breakfast

Mr. CALS Charity Competition

Alex Haight in agricultural engineering, was the star of the show at the very first Mr. CALS Competition representing the Iowa State University ASABE chapter. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) put on the event to raise money for The Central Iowa Shelter Service. 24 participants from clubs across the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences participated. 15 members of the student chapter attended the competition to cheer on Alex, and although Alex did not win, the club is ready to come back strong at the 2015 competition.

State Science and Technology Fair

Members of the club volunteered their time to serve as judges at the State Science and Technology Fair for middle-school students hosted by Iowa State University. Students present their science projects at the Hilton Coliseum. Volunteers received a free tee shirt and complimentary lunch for their time.

Trips and Tours

Fall Trip -- Quad Cities, Iowa/Illinois

Spring Trip -- Lincoln, Nebraska (Midwest Regional Rally)

ASABE Meetings

Annual International Meeting

Iowa Section Meeting

Midwest Region Rally