The primary purpose of the club shall be to promote the martial arts of taekwondo, judo and hapkido within the Iowa State community. The sec- ondary purpose will be to promote the health, education, well-being and safety of members of the Iowa State and Ames communities.

News & Announcements

September 1, 2020

Fundraising Opportunities

Hello sirs and ma'ams,

While the semester may seem very different, we do have to continue fundraising to support the club. Concessions are still an available option for fundraising this year as well. To ensure everyone's safety while still being able to participate in fundraising, we have decided on the following format for concession fundraising this year:


Each art will maintain their bubble status at fundraisers. What this means is that each art will work their own game. For example, HKD would work game 1, TKD would work game 2, and Judo would work game 3.

We have to submit volunteer attendance sheets earlier than previous years. As such, the deadline to sign-up for a fundraiser will be two weeks before the game.

Unless there is a desire to work more than one game, each art will work one game.

To determine which game each art will work I have setup a poll to determine which games work best for everyone. Please fill out the poll regardless of if you plan on doing fundraising or not! The poll can be found here:

Unless there is unanimous desire from one art, we will skip the first game to see how COVID cases progress after it and if they make any changes to the setup they have now.

There will only be ~55 volunteers needed for each game and only 7 stands open for the game. What this means is if we get 10 volunteers for a game, we guarantee an entire stand to ourselves.

The only concessions being offered at games are bottled beverages.

To encourage participation, the art that gets the most people to sign up for fundraising will get a small reward. This will likely be in the format of pizza, more mat time scheduled on Fridays, or practices in the park. If you have other ideas for this let me know.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

Thank you,

Ryan Werner
Mechanical Engineering - Iowa State University
Martial Arts Club at ISU - Fundraising

September 21, 2020

Martial Arts Club Plan for 9/21-9/25

Hello everyone,

Here are some reminds about activities this week:

Monday: New member practice for Taekwondo 6:00-6:45. Regular practice at 7:15-8:00

Tuesday: New member practice for Judo 6:00-6:45 and new member practice for Hapkido 7:15-8:00.

Thursday: We will have a social event at Brookside park (just off campus). Bring your own food and water, and if you want to bring yard games, a football, frisbee, volleyball, please do so! This is open to everyone from all arts. Bring your fiends too!


Have a great week everyone!

-Grant, Cody, and Courtney