The primary purpose of the club shall be to promote the martial arts of taekwondo, judo and hapkido within the Iowa State community. The sec- ondary purpose will be to promote the health, education, well-being and safety of members of the Iowa State and Ames communities.

News & Announcements

January 17, 2023

Self-Defense Seminars

Hello Everyone,

We have three (THREE!) self-defense seminars already planned.

- Wednesday January 25th at 5:30pm in  Food Sciences Building (2379, Culinary Discovery Lab)
- Wednesday February 22nd with CHAARG, time TBD (most likely 6-7pm at state gym)
- Saturday April 22 time TBD (most likely 3-4:30pm) at the Ames Public Library for the YWCA. This is a group of middle school girls and their college aged mentors. Everyone WILL need an updated training for this one since children are involved.

Please email if you are able to help out or are interested in helping out with any of these!


Kassidy Becker

March 21, 2023

NCJA Nationals Registration

Judo Competitors,


Here is the link for registration: 




March 6, 2023

Global Gala

Hello everyone,


I hope you all had a good weekend. Before we move on, congratulations to all the Hapkido members who tested. Judo members who are testing, work hard these next few days to get things prepared for Thursday. If you haven’t completed your Health & Safety Training yet…WE KNOW (0__0) . If you haven’t signed-up for Banquet yet…please (if you can). We have many fun things planned for that weekend, including the Global Gala. We have been invited for a second year to demonstrate our skills in the MU to scores of potential members. We were a big hit last year, and we hope to have the same reaction this year. The Global Gala takes place on Friday, March 24th at 7PM, with a required training on Tuesday, March 22nd at 6PM. Yes, this is the night before Banquet. Yes, this isn’t an opportune time for people. However, this event is an opportunity to gain more members/show off, so we need to try our best to attend. Any questions about this can be directed to Ms. Whitehead or myself, but PLEASE try your best to be there to demo. As much as I would love to try my hand at demonstrating all three arts, I am passible at only one of them. In the meantime, have a lovely rest of your evenings.




Jacob Phelps

March 19, 2023

A Note from Ms. Whitehead

Hello Everyone!


As you may know, we have a demo at the Global Gala this Friday, 3/24!  

I know this demo is not at an opportune time as it falls the day before banquet, but it will be a great experience to help promote our club. This demo also falls during the black belt reunion get-together, meaning that very few, if any, black belts can assist in putting it on. 

We need as many volunteers as possible from all three arts to help participate!  It is imperative that we have a good turnout.  

There are no rank requirements, but we do ask that you bring your uniform and belt to demo in. Please plan to change there and do not walk around campus wearing your uniform.  

The Gala will take place in the great hall of the MU starting at 7 pm, and we ask that you get there between 6:15-6:45. There is a rehearsal walk-through in the same location on Wednesday, 3/22 starting at 7 pm, and we ask you to be around 15 minutes early for that start time.  

If you are available, please fill out the attached form so that we can get a head count and add you to the email list. 

Thank you all so much for your help.


Absolute Very Best, 


Martial Arts Club Treasurer



March 21, 2023

Global Gala Rehearsal and Performance Times

Hello All,

Here is what I have received from the Global Gala people about tomorrow (3/22) and Friday's (3/24) Global Gala activities:




Global Gala 2023 is this Friday! If you haven’t already, please review the attached expectations sheets and be at rehearsal this Wednesday, March 22nd at your assigned time in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union. Please note the rehearsal is designed to be a tech rehearsal and not a dress rehearsal unless your group finds a need to “dress up" for the rehearsal.


Group Red will need to be ready to start running through at 5:45 pm

Group Blue will need to be ready to start running through at 7:00 pm


(Order for Rehearsal AND Actual Performance)

Hindu Yuva

Groove Drumline Club

Mirage Middle Eastern Dance Troupe

The Stormettes

Orchesis 2

Ballroom Dance Club

Martial Arts Club

Tango in Ames & Tango Social Club


We look forward to meeting everyone and ironing out the logistics at rehearsal. See you then!


Piper & Bryan


We are in Group Blue, meaning that our slot to be at the Great Hall in the MU is at 7 (please arrive before then). Hopefully, we can get out fast before having to return to the dojo/dojang to clean for alumni practices. For the cleaning, members should be helping with that regardless of whether or not they are taking part in the demonstration. If you can help out with either, PLEASE DO SO! We need people for both. In the meantime, practice hard and get ready for Banquet. Any further questions can be sent my way.




Jacob Phelps

March 22, 2023

Friday Demo Plans

For those of you helping out with the demo on Friday,


Thank you very much for taking the time to promote the club. The plan is as follows:

5:00pm-Black Belt Reunion. Axes and golf and pool, oh my!

6:00-Meet at dojo/dojang, pick up the mat, change, drink some water

6:30-Check-in at the west lounge of the MU, breathe, rock-paper-scissors tournament with the other groups

7:00-Global Gala begins in the Great Hall. We demonstrate the thing.

After the act-Regroup, return mat to dojo/dojang, sing merrily as we skip into the night.

Hopefully, this gives everyone an idea of where they should be during the evening. Any further questions can be directed my way.




Jacob Phelps