The primary purpose of the club shall be to promote the martial arts of taekwondo, judo and hapkido within the Iowa State community. The sec- ondary purpose will be to promote the health, education, well-being and safety of members of the Iowa State and Ames communities.

News & Announcements

October 4, 2021

October Self Defense Seminars

Hello all,

Here are the dates for the upcoming self defense seminars. Thursday, October 7th at 6pm in the Oak room in the MU. This one is for a group of sorority women. Monday, October 11th, 6am (I know an early one) in the Leid rec center gym floor. This is the large ROTC one. 

Please let me know at if you can volunteer and one or both of these so I can get a rough head count on volunteers.

There will be an upcoming one on Monday October 18th in the pm, I am just waiting on final details.


As always, thank you all,

Kassidy Becker 

October 14, 2021

Taekwondo Tournament: Saturday October 30th

Hello Taekwondo Club, 

We are very excited to announce we will be holding a Taekwondo Tournament this semester.

It will be Saturday, October 30th, with our opening ceremony starting at 10:30am. Location is TBD, but it will be either in the Dojang or in a gym in the Forker Building. 

There will be a $10 entry fee, BUT if you have done a fundraiser or do the next fundraiser on 11/6, it is FREE. We will have a sign-up sheet in the Dojang for anyone interested in participating. 

This will be an internal, collegiate competition, so only ISU club members. We will have a forms competition first and then do sparring once forms are done. Our goal is to allow everyone to have 2-3 sparring matches. 


We will set up on Friday night and have a social for everyone competing, like we normally would if we were traveling. 


If you have any questions, please let me know.


-Grant Fay 

(515) 419-3384

October 19, 2021

TKD Tournament Time Change: Start 12:30

Hello Taekwondo,

Due to the Forker building not being able to be opened before Noon on the weekend, we will be moving our Internal Taekwondo Tournament's Opening Ceremony to 12:30. The tournament will be fishiness and cleaned up before 5:00pm. 


The is a sign-up sheet in the Dojang to sign-up. $10 to compete or free if you have fundraised or sign-up for the next fundraiser. 


Sorry for the time changes. This will still be a great event for anyone interested in competing!



-Your Taekwondo Cabinet.