The primary purpose of the club shall be to promote the martial arts of taekwondo, judo and hapkido within the Iowa State community. The sec- ondary purpose will be to promote the health, education, well-being and safety of members of the Iowa State and Ames communities.

News & Announcements

February 12, 2021

Weapons Classes Start Tonight, 6pm.

Hey everyone, 

Weapons class will start tonight. This is open to everyone, whether you have any experience or this will be your first time ever doing anything like this! This is about learning and having fun. 


Master Johnson has made the schedule and has some other information he wanted me to pass on:

The order that Weapons will go in is as follows:
Sword - 2 weeks starting 2/12/21
Eskrima - 2 weeks
Bo - 2 weeks
Nunchucks - 2 weeks
Repeat the above order after the last class of Nunchucks.
Teachers will be as follows:
Sword: Master Johnson with assistance from Dr. Zeller
Eskrima: Master Swalve with assistance from Mr. Warner/Master Johnson
Bo: Master Johnson with assistance from Mr. Boyd
Nunchucks: Master San Agustin

Sword, Bo, and Nunchucks are available to purchase while supplies last from Master Johnson.  Eskrima sticks you can find either online or you can buy 7/8" x 36" Oak Round/Dowle at Lowes or Menards.  If you buy the Oak rounds/dowle and they are too long I can cut them to length.

April 7, 2021

Please Fill Out Club Waiver (Even if you didn't participate this semester)

Hello everyone,

We are asking as many people as possible to fill out the Martial Arts Club waiver. Student Government bases our funding off the number of filled out waivers. So even if you did not participate this year due to COVID or other reasons, if you could please fill out the waiver, we would really appreciate it. 

If you have been participating in club practices but have not filled out the waiver, you already should have, but please make sure you have filled out it.

To fill out the waiver, go to, log-in, and click "Account" on the top right. Then click profile. This should show you the orgs you are in. From there you can complete the waiver. 


Thank you everyone,

-Grant, Cody, and Courtney

February 4, 2021

Friday Weapons and New Taekwondo Schedule

Hello everyone,

We hope that your semester is off to a great (all be it cold) start. We are back in the Dojang/Dojo for another great semester of Martial Arts. If you haven't been back to practices, we hope you'll join us next week.

We are changing the schedule for Taekwondo and for Fridays. 

We also have permission to add safe-partner based contact work!

The new schedule will be as follows (with changes in bold):

  • Monday: Taekwondo, one practice- 6:30-7:30, competition/extra practices after
  • Tuesday: Judo 6:00-6:50, Hapkido 7:10-8:00
  • Wednesday: Taekwondo, one practice- 6:30-7:30, competition/extra practices after
  • Thursday: Judo 6:00-6:50, Hapkido 7:10-8:00
  • FRIDAY: Weapons practice 6:00-7:00, Open Mat for all arts 7:00-8:00

If you are interested in weapons classes, Master Johnson will be here this Friday (2/5) to sell some weapons and lead an intro class, with actual weapons classes staring next week. 

If you didn't see Cody's announcement, Judo and Hapkido will be able to start doing partner work throw and joint-locks again. If you took last semester off from Martial Arts or haven't been back yet this semester, we'd love to have you join us!


Have a great weekend everyone!

Your tri-club Presidents,

-Grant, Cody, and Courtney