Design Council is a student-led advocacy group in the College of Design. We work in tandem with faculty and staff leadership to provide services to College of Design students. Most importantly, we work with the student body to advocate their voices and raise them to higher leadership with the goal of conducting real change.


Design Council operates with two main sectors. The first is our leadership positions, who attend faculty meetings and work alongside departments and offices (such as the Multicultural Student Success Office), members of College of Design student organizations, and other leadership roles. The second group consists of the general public. Everyone can attend our general meetings, and all events hosted or promoted by the Design Council are all inclusive. 


The goal of Design Council is to create a stronger sense of community in the College of Design, to raise student voices, build connections with faculty leadership, and provide spaces for students to feel safe.


The purpose of the Design Council at Iowa State University is to encourage and support the involvement of Design students inside and outside of the classroom, providing leadership opportunities, allocating money to Design Student Organizations, act as a funnel for the student voice to the college administration and supporting events that promote all aspects of the Iowa State University College of Design.