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The College Democrats are a direct route for our fellow students to engage with politics. We instill values of environmental, racial, and economic justice, encourage young people to participate in the American political process, and provide opportunities to work on Democratic campaigns. We also serve as a place to discuss current events, vent about politics, and meet some like-minded people! The fall semester will focus on the November election! We will be doing everything we can to elect Democrats up and down the ballot and turn Iowa from a purple to a blue state. This means meeting candidates, door knocking, calling voters, handing out flyers, and hosting events! It’ll be a crazy, but very gratifying time. In the words of our Communications Director, Abby, "election season is such chaotic fun.” Projects in the past have included changing the university's student IDs to be compliant in elections and adding voter registration to the move-in process. We'll prepare to have a day on the hill where we'll support an issue of our choosing in Des Moines. The College Democrats is an official chapter of the College and Young Democrats of Iowa, which itself is co-chartered through College Democrats of America and Young Democrats of America.


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Click the "+Join" button in the banner at the top of the screen to join the ISU College Democrats. This will put you on our email list so that you can be notified about our upcoming meetings and events. Follow us on social media at @iastatedems.


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Even if you are from out of state, you are entitled to vote here in Iowa. Not only will it make your life easier, but it will allow you to elect the people who will be directly impacting your life and education while you are living here in the great state of Iowa.

To find your Election Day polling place visit:

If you have an Iowa Driver's License you can register to vote here:

You can also register to vote by mail. Fill out the form and either mail it to the Story County Auditor, or bring it to an ISU Dems event and we will help you get it there. Voter registration form:

If you have any questions, contact the Story County Auditor's Office, Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. : 
     Phone: (515) 382-7210
     Administration Building
     900 6th St.
     Nevada, IA 50201