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The College Democrats are a direct route for our fellow students to engage with politics. We instill values of environmental, racial, and economic justice, encourage young people to participate in the American political process, and provide opportunities to work on Democratic campaigns. We also serve as a place to discuss current events, vent about politics, and meet some like-minded people! Whether it’s meeting with local politicians, tabling outside of the library, volunteering in the community, or door-knocking in the dead of winter (donuts included) we always have a good time! The College Democrats is an official chapter of the College and Young Democrats of Iowa, which itself is co-chartered through College Democrats of America and Young Democrats of America.


Constitution / Tier

File 2024_Constitution_Amended.docx.pdf
Tier Campus Organization

Membership Information

Student Members 31
ISU Members 0
Non-ISU Members 0
Allowed Members Open to any/all ISU students, staff, and community members
Allowed Officers All officers are allowed.
Membership Qualifications Must be willing to engage respectfully with fellow members.
Membership Restrictions None.
Elections/Selection Elections are held in the middle of the spring semester, with special elections upon request for unfulfilled positions.
Meetings We meet every other Monday at 6pm. Special events will be communicated through email/socials.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

We meet in Gerdin 0145 every other Monday at 6 pm to, build community, discuss current issues, and host candidates! Join the club to make sure that you receive our emails to stay up to date. Our kickoff meeting is slated for 02/05.

Description of Special Events

We host informative events with candidates, special issue events, and demonstrations. The best way to stay updated about our special events is to join our email list. We also keep our social media pages updated with our events. Check us out at @iastatedems!