Council executive officers provide leadership and programming to the council and represents MGC to the greater community. Officers attend meetings for the council and for the community; including the Association of Leadership and Values Conference, the Community Officer Inauguration Ceremony, and Vespers Awards Ceremony.

Individuals who are passionate about the community, diversity, and making a difference on campus are encouraged to run for council office. Being an officer of MGC is a unique opportunity to make connections with other campus leaders along with Iowa State representatives. An officer position offers the potential to gain new leadership skills and build and understanding about different and diverse identities in a world becoming more and more diverse.

Below are short descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of each individual officer. Full details of the roles can be found in the MGC Governing Documents, which can be found via the Useful Links section of this website.

Questions or nominations for the offices should be sent via email to the current council executive team at

President -

  • Represents member organizations to Iowa State and the Greek Community
  • Represents MGC with the other council presidents at Greek LEAD meetings
  • Represents MGC at the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values annual conference
  • Leads the MGC Executive Board
  • Chair over Executive Board and Legislative Assembly meetings
  • Maintain communication with all member organizations
  • Establish community committees to carry out council programming

Executive Vice President -

  • Assists the President in their duties and acts as chair to Legislative Assembly should the President be absent
  • Acts as parliamentarian to Legislative Assembly
  • Sits on the Greek Events Authorization Board to approve organization events

Vice President of Communication -

  • Take minutes at council meetings
  • Facilitate communication between member organizations as needed

Vice President of Finance -

  • Maintain accurate financial records for the council
  • Document and receipt council transactions including dues, fees, and fines
  • Prepare bi-annual council budget by the third legislative assembly each semester
  • Deposit all funds into the MGC account
  • Prepare budgets and expenses for community proposals as needed

Vice President of Recruitment -

  • Represent MGC in relation to community recruitment initiatives
  • Develop recruitment advertising materials
  • Coordinate MGC recruitment events and programming