Our council boasts nine outstanding organizations. Each organization varies in size and focus but all are dedicated to living lives of values and honor. Feel free to contact any of them for any specific questions or email mgcpresident@iastate.edu and we can get you in touch with any organization you are interested in.

Delta Lambda Phi

Mission: To enhance the quality of live among gay, bisexual, and progressive men, by providing dignified and purposeful social service and recreational activities. (Wikipedia) (Website)

On campus since: 2004

Also known as: DLP, Lambda Men, DeltaPhis

Delta Phi Lambda

Mission: To advocate Asian awareness and empowers women leaders through its values-based program and Everlasting Sisterhood. (Wikipedia) (Website)

On campus since: 2015

Also known as: DPhil, DFL

Gamma Rho Lambda

Mission: To exemplify the qualities of tolerance, diversity, unity, and trust while providing assistance to the community and developing life long bonds. (Wikipedia) (Website)

On campus since: 2014

Also known as: GRL

Lambda Theta Alpha

Mission: To provide a sisterhood to young women based on unity, love, and respect. (Wikipedia) (Website)

On campus since: 2014

Also known as: LTA, Lambda Ladies

Lambda Theta Nu

Mission: To promote and foster Latina leaders through educational and professional development, relationship building, and community involvement. (Wikipedia) (Website)

On campus since: 2007

Also known as: Lambdas, Silver Roses

Lambda Theta Phi

Mission: To improve the Latino community as a whole on the Iowa State campus. (Wikipedia) (Website)

On campus since: 2011

Also known as: Lambdas

Pi Alpha Phi

Mission: To bring diversity to the Iowa State Campus through Asian culture. (Wikipedia) (Website)

On campus since: 2014

Also known as: Pineapples, PAPhi

Sigma Lambda Beta

Mission: To nurture and further a dynamic values-based environment to betters serve the needs and wants of all people. (Wikipedia) (Website)

On campus since: 1992

Also known as: Betas, Lambda Betas, SLB

Sigma Lambda Gamma

Mission: To be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women. (Wikipedia) (Website)

On campus since: 1992

Also known as: Gammas, SLG