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What We Do

As stated on the home page, the Iowa State University Quiz Bowl Club is a club dedicated to the advancement of the high school/collegiate game known colloquially as quiz bowl. We participate in and hold our own tournaments, and we meet regularly to keep our skills well-tuned. We also have a host of smaller objectives that we seek to accomplish as much as possible which you can find on both our home page and in our constitution.

Quiz bowl is a knowledge based contest where teams battle for the correct answer. Questions vary widely among competitions in both content and style. Players generally have the option to buzz in at any time throughout the question. You can read more about Quiz Bowl here.

In our meetings we support various practice styles. News on outstanding projects is delivered, and we generally do some player development. The rest of the time is devoted to knowledge competitions of various sorts to improve our skills and familiarity with the games. Food is commonly consumed throughout the meetings.

Throughout the year we participate in various sectional and collegiate competitions. We also put forward the Virtual Quiz for regional high school teams as both an outreach effort and a fundraiser.

Who We Are

Our group consists of individuals with a wide variety of interests. We receive advice and guidance from Aliza Rosenthal.

We compete within the National Academic Quiz Tournament.

How We Operate

Any student who has paid the appropriate dues to ISUQBC for the current semester is considered a member.
All students at Iowa State University are eligible to become members.
We function with at least a President, Treasurer, and Advisor.

Our constitution can be browsed and read in full on this website. It's actually pretty interesting.

ISUQBC is funded generously in part by the Student Government (GSB)


How We Got Here


ISUQBC has been around since the 1990's. It has had two major revivals after a general loss of recruitment and club output. The first coming in 2006 and the second, more recently, in 2013 after a two to three year lull.

In the past the group has hosted competitions which include the NAQT Iowa State Championship, the Cyclone Bowl, and a number of memorial tournaments named after Matt Cvijanovich. The group has participated in a number of sectional and unaffiliated collegiate tournaments. Our past members include the former president of the NAQT.

Do to server restrictions, the old website is no longer available. You can still find it on the Wayback machine though, here