Who Are We?

APO is a organization founded upon the three cardinal principles of Friendship, Leadership, and Service.


Members form lasting bonds with each other and the community. These ties often continue past graduation. A friend in APO is a friend for life. APO has plenty of social gatherings called fellowships. Some examples include an Awards Banquet and a Progressive Dinner.


With plenty of officer positions, APO is a great opportunity. Members can experience what it is like to be a leader in an organization while have fun at the same time. Additionally, our service events offer members the chance to take charge and create events that benefit the community and help grow their leadership skills.


With every member devoted to service, APO requires members to complete 20 hours of community service each semester. It may sound like a lot, but it adds up quick. Many members find themselves doing much more than what is required! Service is very important to all our members.

Rush Week Events

If you would like more information and reminders on upcoming events feel free to sign up for our emailing list. The form is below and also can be found under the pledging tab of out website. 

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Upcoming events:

  • Sep. 11th: Jackbox Game Night - Webex - 7-9pm
  • Sep. 14th: Open Chapter/Skribbl.io - Webex - 8-9pm
  • Sep. 16th: Campus Clean Up - Start at Parks Library - 7-9pm
  • Sep. 17th: Dinner with Brothers - Webex - 7-9pm
  • Sep. 19th: "Concert" - In Front of Curtis Hall - 6-9pm

For more information on each individual event as well as the links for all the Webex meetings can be found under our pledging tab. Otherwise to go there directly please click the link below:

Rush Week Events

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