Pledging Requirements

  1. Attend a pledge-planned service and fellowship event
  2. Meet all requirements of active membership, with the following exceptions
    1. Complete 3/4 of the number of required service hours of active members
    2. Pay pledging and activation fees as set by the chapter
  3. Take and successfully pass a pledge education exam written and approved by the VP of Membership and Pledge Educator.
  4. Must attend 2 fellowship events
  5. Attend all pledge meetings
    1. Unexcused absences are not allowed
    2. Must be excused by the VP of Membership and Pledge Educator (excusable absences include family emergency, review sessions, exams, illness, etc.)
  6. Prior to Initiation, pledges must prove that they will be able to complete service hours by listing events they plan to participate in. This list must be approved by the Pledge Educator.

Pledging Dues

  • $32 National Pledge Fee + $5 Chapter Fee = $37
    • Due at Pledging Ceremony
  • $35 National Initiation Fee
    • Due at Initiation Ceremony

*We offer a President Scholarship to help pledges pay for dues.*


Busy schedule? Worried about the requirements? Don't let it discourage you! We understand that college life can be a lot to handle, especially with classes, work, family, and social life. That's why we are here to discuss pledging and work with you to ensure that you can become a successful member of APO while still enjoying college.