The Ag Systems Technology Club allows members to get involved with the planning processes of club activities.


Service Days Committee

Service day committees are formed in the fall and spring semester. These committees are responsible for mailing out postcards to a long list of past customers, advertisement throughout campus and the Ames Community, purchasing parts and oil, and establishing pickup and delivery routes.

Trip Committee

Trip committees are formed in the fall and spring semester.  This year the trip committees planned trips to Peoria, Illinois and Louisville, Kentucky. Trip Committes are responsible setting up hotel rooms, industry tours, and travel arrangements for club members. 

Apparel Committee

The apparel committee are formed when the club is interested in buying AST Club apparel. In this committee, they design the apparel that is wanting to be purchased. Apparel committee works with a company is Ames to produce the apparel.

Tractor Display Committee

The tractor display committee was formed to help organize and plan the CALS Week Tractor Display. They contacted local implement dealers to help supply the display and set it up.