Meetings Schedule: Spring 2022

Meetings will be in person in Elings 0308 at 7 PM.

Meeting dates: 

Please check your Iowa State email, announcements on the homepage, Facebook, or Twitter for meeting announcements. Attendance is taken at every meeting. Meetings are every other Tuesday.

Meeting Information:

At most meetings, the Ag System Technology Club brings in industry speakers to inform students of internship and full time job opportunities. These speakers also discuss the agricultural industry and the importance of the Agricultural Systems Technology Major.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Spring 2022, Conner Esch, AST Club President

March 22nd  Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/2022%20Minutes/3_22_22%20meeting%20minutes%20.pdf
March 8th Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/2022%20Minutes/3_8_2022%20minutes%20.pdf
February 22nd Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/2022%20Minutes/2_22_2022.pdf
February 8th Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/2022%20Minutes/2_8_2022%20minutes%20.pdf
January 25th Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/2022%20Minutes/1_25_2022%20minutes%20.pdf

Spring 2019, Jacob Lawfer, AST Club President

January 22nd Minutes


February 5th Minutes


February 19th Minutes


March 5th Minutes


March 26th Minutes


April 8th Minutes


April 26th Minutes



Fall 2018, Cole Reighard, AST Club President

August 28th Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/Minutes/Minutes%208_28_18.pdf
September 11th Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/Minutes/Minutes%209_1_18.pdf
September 25th Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/Minutes/Minutes%209_25_18.pdf
October 9th Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/Minutes/Minutes%2010_09_18.pdf
October 23rd Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/Minutes/Minutes%2010_23_18.pdf
November 6th Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/Minutes/Minutes%2011_06_18.pdf


Spring 2018, Cole Reighard, AST Club President

January 16th Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/Minutes/Minutes%201_16_18.pdf
January 30th Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/Minutes/Minutes%201_30_18.pdf
February 13th Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/Minutes/Minutes%202_13_18.pdf
February 27th Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/Minutes/Minutes%202_27_18.pdf
March 20th Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/Minutes/Minutes%203_20_18.pdf
April 3rd Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/Minutes/Minutes%204_3_18.pdf
April 17th Minutes /uploads/org-site/ckuploads/39/Minutes/Minutes%204_17_18.pdf


Spring 2016, Jeff Flies, President

January 19 Agenda January 19 Minutes
February 2 Agenda February 2 Minutes
February 16 Agenda February 16 Minutes
March 1 Agenda March 1 Minutes
March 22 Agenda March 22 Minutes
April 5 Agenda April 5 Minutes
April 19th Agenda April 19 Minutes

Spring 2016 Attendance


Fall 2015, Colin Connor, President

September 1 Agenda September 1 Minutes
September 15 Agenda September 15 Minutes
September 29 Agenda September 29 Minutes
October 13 Agenda October 13 Minutes
October 27 Agenda October 27 Minutes
November 10 Agenda November 10 minutes
No meeting on December 1 No meeting on December 1

Attendance Fall 2015


Spring 2015, Colin Connor, President

January 13 Agenda January 13 Minutes
January 27 Agenda January 27 Minutes
February 10 Agenda February 10 Minutes
February 24 Agenda February 24 Minutes
March 10 Agenda March 10 Minutes
March 24 Agenda March 24 Minutes
April 7 Agenda April 7 Minutes
April 21 Agenda April 21 Minutes

Attendance Spring 2015


Fall 2014, Trevor Stevenson, President

September 2 Agenda September 2 Minutes
September 16 Agenda September 16 Minutes
September 30 Agenda September 30 Minutes
October 14 Agenda October 14 Minutes
October 28 Agenda October 28 Minutes
November 11 Agenda November 11 Minutes
December 2 Agenda December 2 Minutes