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Good Earth is responsible for running a small, sustainable-focused CSA (community supported agriculture) farm. All major decisions are made by the executive team and members under the advisement of faculty advisers. Given the privileged access to campus resources, we are only able to provide our share membership to ISU community. Anyone outside of the ISU community is welcome to subscribe and participate in our social activities.


This organization has no affiliations.

Constitution / Tier

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Tier Campus Organization

Membership Information

Student Members 17
ISU Members 25
Non-ISU Members 48
Allowed Members Students, faculty/staff, community members
Allowed Officers Students
Membership Qualifications Must have an interest in farming and getting in the dirt. Some labor-filled tasks such as weeding, planting, and harvesting will be required. Must be able to withstand the heat of the summer sun.
Membership Restrictions Must have affiliation with Iowa State University (student, staff, faculty etc...) in order to participate as work or paid share member. General interest and volunteering is open to the broader Ames community.
Elections/Selection Yearly, in the fall.
Meetings Weekly meeting for spring 2019 at 5PM in 1581 Agronomy Hall. We will meet at the start of the growing season (March-April) to meet work share members and sign up for memberships, go through requirements, etc. Then we will sign up for 3 hour shifts once weekly to go out to the Horticulture Research Station. Occasional meetings may be required as needed, though they are usually a gathering of potluck.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

Four weekly shifts of 3-hours during the summer, 1 of which is required for work-share members. Work at the farm includes planting, harvesting, and everything else in between.

Description of Special Events

We extend the opportunity to participate in the PFI and MOSES Conferences each year (GEF sometimes sponsors), and sometimes special events like Earth Day or tree plantings, etc... Under those circumstances, we will contact the appropriate parties for volunteers (maybe an hour or two, maybe a weekend commitment).