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The Iowa Student Chapter on Family Relations (ISCFR) is a student organization of the National Council of Family Relations dedicated to furthering the development of Iowa State University students in their fields of study related to family relations.


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Tier Student Organization - Registered

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Membership Restrictions
Elections/Selection Article VII: Officers Section 1: For ISCFR, the minimum GPA required of all officers is 2.2 on a 4.0 scale at the time of election and throughout their terms. Section 2: Annual election shall take place at the last spring ISCFR business meeting of each academic year in order to ensure a smooth transition and provide leadership through the summer term. Term of office begins immediately following these elections and continues until the next elections. Section 3: Elections of Executive Committee officers are held at the beginning of every academic year. A majority vote of the Executive Committee is required to elect or remove any officers of ISCFR. In the result of a tie or impasse, the faculty advisor will rule. Section 4: Vacancies shall be filled at the next business meeting of the ISCFR after vacancy occurs. Offices left vacant at the conclusion of an academic year shall remain vacant until the first business meeting at the commencement of the academic year. Vacancies shall be filled following the same procedures as annual elections. Section 5: If an Executive Committee member is found not to be completing their duties set forth in article VIII, the remaining Executive Committee members maintain the power to dismiss the executive member with a majority vote. Section 6: Grounds for removal include the inadequate fulfillment of aforementioned duties or the violation of regulations described in the Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations, University policies or any federal, state or local laws. A two-thirds majority vote of the Executive Committee is necessary to remove an officer from office provided a quorum is present. Quorum shall be majority of all members of the Executive Committee. Section 7: Officers who wish to resign may do so by contacting the President and informing them of intent to relinquish assigned duties.
Meetings Section 1: Regular meetings shall be held at least two times per academic semester and are open to all interested members. All meetings will be announced and posted at least one week prior to the meeting. Section 2: Emergency meetings may be called by the Executive Committee. Section 3: Voting privileges shall be given to all members. Quorum shall be one fifth of all members.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

1. Movie Night on September 8th, 2023: Members of the Iowa Student Chapter on Family Relations will convene as a group to watch a film, socialize, and introduce themselves to other members. 2. Professional Development Workshop, date TBD: A faculty NCFR member at Iowa State University will hold a workshop where they will speak to students about professional development. 3. NCFR (National Council on Family Relations) Conference Submission Mentoring Session on December 8th, 2023: Our faculty advisor and NCFR member, Dr. Tricia Neppl, will host a mentoring session where she will discuss how to strengthen various types of student NCFR conference submissions for presentation at the annual NCFR conference. This is important because we are a student affiliate chapter of NCFR. 4. Annual NCFR Conference Student Dinner on November 9th, 2023: All members of ISCFR attending the annual NCFR conference are invited to attend a group dinner to mingle and discuss the conference. 5. Monthly Officer Meetings, date TBD: Every month the ISCFR officers (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and undergraduate representative) will convene to discuss upcoming events, address any membership concerns, or any other pressing matters concerning ISCFR.

Description of Special Events