Animal Welfare  

The Animal Welfare Chair’s main purpose is to educate on topics in animal welfare. For example, presentations in the past have educated on animal abuse, keeping exotic animals as pets, using animals for commercial research, and more. Events that will be held will typically include a guest speaker who is an expert in some area of animal welfare.


Clinical Skills 

The primary responsibility of the Clinical Skills chair is to foster the development of our members' technical expertise in clinical settings. We achieve this by providing hands-on experience with models and lectures or activities facilitated by guest speakers that require critical thinking. Our goal is to better prepare our members for tasks they will perform in Vet School and their future careers.


This chair's purpose is to bring together members interested in equine. We aim to provide opportunities for individuals to build their knowledge and gain experience in the health, care, and veterinary aspects of the equine industry.  

Production Animal

The Production Animal IC caters to those interested in large animals primarily raised for agricultural purposes. This chair organizes events with guest speakers who cover a wide range of topics: production animal veterinary surgery, general medicine, farm management, embryo transfer, artificial insemination, and many more! Additionally, this chair has previously offered group tours at ISU teaching farms to help gain insight into the care and management of production animals.

Small Animal

This chair aims to provide members with information and experiences with small animals. This is done through opportunities such as speakers or hands-on learning events.   


The ZEW Chair’s purpose is to expose students to various exotic and wildlife topics. We aim to enlighten students on ideas/topics they may have not focused on before and look further than the zoo setting. Our events/presentations will consist of professionals in the exotic field and could include live animals. Students can also look forward to the annual Zoo trip arranged each year by this chair.