What Is Skills Training?

Skills training is our way of spreading the wealth of climbing and mountaineering information we have as members of the mountaineering and climbing club. Once per semester, we hold a skills training program in a safe environment where we educate our members with the information necessary to be safe on their own trips. 

What Do We Teach At Skills Training?

  • Gear: how to safely use climbing gear such as harnesses, ropes, ATCs, helmets and more
  • Belaying: top rope belaying and lead belaying, as well as the voice commands
  • Rappelling: how to safely rappel and set up an anchor to rappel off of, single length and double length rappel
  • Lead climbing and lead anchors
  • Trad anchors and trad climbing
  • Knots! (figure 8, overhand, bowline, hitches)
    • Necessary knots and when to use them.
  • And more!

Examples of safe environment skills training:

  • demonstrate and practice anchor building/equalization without hanging on it the anchor
  • tie all relevant knots using ropes and webbing that have been retired from use
  • belay simulation with the "belayer" tethered to a tree and the partner walking across the lawn
  • use a map and compass on Central Campus to walk in a straight line for a given distance in a given direction

Why Should You Come To Skill Training?

In our skills training we not only teach you all of the skills necessary to do all of these things on your own, we also go above and beyond to make sure that you know the information well enough to be able to teach other people. This way you can take your friends climbing and trust in your own ability to have a fun time and keep your friends safe on trips outside of the club.


Fall 2023 Skills training dates/times TBD

The Fall 2023 Skills Training series is in progress - come to a weekly meeting for more information, or check the club calendar at mccia.us/cal !